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large bones multi pack (3x packs of 3) 
Healthy homemade vegan dog biscuits made with 100% human grade ingredients, no additives, no preservatives and no artificial flavourings. 


Choose from the following flavours:

Carrot & peanut butter
Sweet potato
Apple & carrot

All our biscuits are made with oats instead of flour and contain coconut oil (helps aid your pets digestion, improve their coat and helps to prevent infections) 

We have a variety of different flavours and they come in handy reusable tubs. 
They all have 2-3 months use by date on and are suitable for freezing.

we only use the very best ingredients in our biscuits and use our home grown fruit and veg from our allotment when in season. the peanut butter we use in 100% peanuts so its completely safe for your dogs. we also use oats and coconut oil as the base ingredients to our treats which both have great benefits for your dogs diet.

Large bones multi pack

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