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Eco dog toys by Miro and Makauri present 'Douglas Dachund' - Your Eco Friendly Leather Dog Toy.

Douglas Dachund is made with genuine leather. Additionally, Douglas contains 100% natural, eco friendly, and sustainable coconut fibre. We use vegetable dyes so no nasty chemicals are released when chewing.

Size: 26cm

Returning to basic, pure, and simple ideals, we want to create a range of toys that maximise your dogs fun, are safe and natural to play with, and are, at the same time, eco friendly.

Furthermore, by utilizing recycled and renewable resources, Miro & Makauri is dedicates itself to providing you with high quality planet friendly dog toys. We produce these eco dog products naturally, using only natural materials.

"The Miro & Makauri dog toys are brilliant. I have just purchased two of the duck toys for our pups, they love them and the best thing is they are eco friendly and tough."

Another Happy Miro & Makauri Customer

Made from 100% jute & genuine leather, the toys are filled using coconut fibre filling. This range of toys maximises your dog’s fun!

The 'Animal Series' range is Is safe and natural to play with. At the safe time the toys are also eco-friendly.

Moreover these toys do not have a squeaker, are very strong, and great toy for interactive play.

They are a part of a popular movement for eco-friendly, chemical free, natural products in the pet industry.

Douglas dachshund

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